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April 15, 2024



Oh, don’t worry; we wouldn’t dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant!

2 Corinthians 10:12 NLT



Let's talk a moment about "standard of measurement."  


As I read scripture there are what I call "speed bumps" that make me pause and think.  I've read this chapter many times before but today those two words were a "speed bump."  It caused me to pause and think about what kind of standard most people measure themselves by.


Paul said it was "ignorant" to measure ourselves by each other.  We can always find someone who is worse than us.  We don't cuss as much as they do, we don't drink as much, we don't lie as much, we aren't as hateful, etc.  But where did we get the idea that other people are our standard?


John Bunyan, the author of "Pilgrims Progress," said, "If my life is fruitless, it doesn't matter who praises me, and if my life is fruitful, it doesn't matter who criticizes me."


Trying to get other people to praise us is a waste of energy and time. God created us as originals, let’s not live as copies.


The standard of measurement for the follower of Jesus is Jesus!  Do I live like Jesus?  Do I love like Jesus?  Do I sacrifice like Jesus?  Do I give like Jesus?  Do I serve others like Jesus?  Do I stand against religious, judgmental attitudes like Jesus did to the Pharisees?  Do I reach out to the broken and rejected like Jesus?


Lots of questions in my morning speed bump.



Lord Jesus, I want to follow You and be like You.  Holy Spirit I need a lot of help to get there.  I need a transformation in the way I think.  I need help with my priorities.  I need freedom from my selfishness.  I need a kingdom mentality.  Thank you for transforming me.

“Scroll down to share what you feel God is saying based on today’s reading.”

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1 Comment

Lord I thank you for my life and blessing me richly despite my sins. Forgive me for the times I was judgmental and thought I was ever better than anyone . Holy Spirit thank you for your word today as we forge ahead to be more Christlike . Lord please forgive me for the times I failed you.

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