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December 20, 2022



At that time the Roman emperor, Augustus, decreed that a census should be taken throughout the Roman Empire.

Luke 2:1 NLT



There are some interesting words to begin the Christmas story in Luke 2. The words are, “At that time.” I grew up with a translation that said, “In those days.” Let’s pause a minute and reflect on what kind of a time or day it was when Jesus was born. It was not the best of times for the Jews. Rome ruled Israel with an iron fist and forced them to pay excessive taxes to make the Roman Empire richer and stronger. Caesar, the first Roman emperor, had declared himself divine—the child of the gods. Herod, the king placed by Rome over Israel, was so insecure and evil he would have anyone killed who looked at him the wrong way., But during these tough times God was working the greatest miracle for humanity. It was at this precise time God chose to send Jesus into the world. To be born of a virgin, to live as a human, to die on a cross, and to be raised to life after three days. And all of this was to bring forgiveness and freedom from the dominion of sin for all humanity. It is easy to list the reasons our lives may be difficult and to talk about the tough times in which we are living. We have our Caesar’s and Herod’s today. We have injustice, division, economic hardship, sickness, and political fights. However, I want us to realize that God loves to work great miracles during the most difficult times. As you prepare for this Christmas it may be dark, confusing, and frustrating, but you can rest assured that God is still working. He has a plan. God can bring light into darkness. He loves to do His greatest work in the most difficult of times.



Holy Spirit, please help me today to see Your hand at work in my life. Help me to yield to Your plan and be open to Your miracle.

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