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February 25, 2023



Pharaoh’s chief cupbearer, however, forgot all about Joseph, never giving him another thought.

Genesis 40:23 NLT



Sometimes good people will forget about you! Here is the story in this chapter. Joseph is in prison when Pharaoh sends his cupbearer and baker to the same prison. We are not told why they were sent. The head of the prison puts them both in the care of Joseph. Evidently Joseph is serving them. One night the cupbearer and the baker have dreams. They don’t understand what their dreams mean and so the next morning they look confused. Joseph asks about their dreams. They tell Joseph their dreams. Joseph interprets their dreams. He tells the cupbearer his dream means he will be restored to his position with Pharaoh in three days. Joseph tells the baker that his dream means he will be impaled by Pharaoh in three days and die. Joseph asks the cupbearer to remember him when the dream comes true. Three days later the cupbearer is restored to his position and the baker is killed by Pharaoh’s order. Both dreams come true just as Joseph said they would. But the baker forgets about Joseph. It appears this is the end of the story. Joseph does a good deed and gets nothing in return. But the story is not over. Sometime later Pharaoh has a dream that nobody can understand. The cupbearer will remember Joseph and tell Pharaoh about him. Pharaoh will invite Joseph to interpret the dream. Joseph does and then Joseph is giving power as second in command in the nation. From the prison to the palace in one day—after 15 years of suffering as a slave and a prisoner. Lesson one from the story—people will sometimes disappoint you. They will forget you and maybe even do things to hurt you. But God can fulfill His destiny for your life regardless of what people say or do. Second lesson—keep doing the right thing and helping people even when you are hurt by someone. Don’t close the door of your heart and shut people out. Instead, keep the door of your heart open to love people and allow God to settle the scores.



Holy Spirit help me to be a lover of people. Help me to be an extension of Your love to my world. Help me to serve others regardless of the choices others make.

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Feb 25, 2023

I remember as a child one of my first memories of learning the Bible was treating others good regardless of how they treat you. However as I got order and learned how wicked this world could be I stopped believing in this idea . Now as I’m older I have to understand God has his own reasons for everything . Sometimes I feel he grants me grace because of my own kindness to others . I want to live better , I want to live for my Lord in a way that is acceptable to him.


So glad that God works in spite of people. And, in spite of my imperfections.

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