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January 21, 2023



There is joy for those who deal justly with others and always do what is right.

Psalms 106:3 NLT



Many people think that getting angry at injustice is the best way to get action. You can read their social media post and feel their anger at what is wrong with the world. Many other people will join the chorus and post and re-post comments about the injustice in our world. But the truth is there is a lot more anger than action. One recent study discovered that people who join causes online are not more apt to actually do something—they’re less likely to take action. Anger and action do not go together regardless of how it may appear. People seem to love to “take a stand” on social media and use angry words that cost them nothing. It even can become socially acceptable and fashionable to be angry. But there is no real cost associated with this type of angry post. Many seem to trade their angry post for action. It is easier to post than to do something. Doing something that makes a difference is rarely, if ever, done out of anger. The motivation that drives transformation is love, not anger. Many men seem to think being angry, and acting out angrily, is a part of what it means to be is a man. But that is so far off base. True men learn to channel their anger and work out of love, not anger. In 1 Corinthians chapter 13, Paul says that if we do something good without love as the motivation, we are only making noise. It seems that God looks at our motivation for our actions as much as our actions. If we want to “do what is right,” as our text encourages us, then we need to learn to be motivated by love. It is love that motivates us to “deal justly with others.” It is love that motivates us to work for the better good of society. It is love that brings about true action. Plus, love doesn’t tear us up on the inside. Anger destroys those who try to hold on to it. It rips us apart on the inside and robs us of any peace or joy.



Holy Spirit, help me to be motivated by love. Help me to “do what is right” out of love. Forgive me for the times I get angry. Drive me to “deal justly with others.”

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Great reminder to choose love over anger

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