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January 31, 2024



Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

Philippians 1:3 NLT



When you read this verse, it would make you think that Philippi had been a wonderful experience for Paul.  The truth is, Paul didn’t have a good time in Philippi. In fact, it was one of his roughest churches to get started. When Paul went to this city to start a church, he was beaten, whipped, humiliated, falsely arrested, thrown into prison, and survived an earthquake. After all of this, he was politely asked by the city leaders to leave town. 


 Yet Paul professes he thanks God every time he thinks of them.  His letter to them is full of joy and rejoicing.  How can this be?


 I believe it is the power of "selective memory."  We all can remember what we want to remember.  We can choose to focus on the bad times or the good times.  When we focus on the good times we start to rejoice and be a happy person.  


 Relationships are the toughest.  Over time human nature focuses on the bad and our relationships can get into trouble.  However, if we focus on the good times, we renew our relationships.



Holy Spirit help me to remember the good times of life.  Help me to be a thankful person who radiates joy in all my relationships.

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