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June 27, 2023



“The coming of the Son of Man can be illustrated by the story of a man going on a long trip. When he left home, he gave each of his slaves instructions about the work they were to do, and he told the gatekeeper to watch for his return. You, too, must keep watch! For you don’t know when the master of the household will return—in the evening, at midnight, before dawn, or at daybreak. Don’t let him find you sleeping when he arrives without warning.”

Mark 13:34-36 NLT



Let me catch us up on what has happened the first part of Mark 13. Jesus and his disciples have been in Jerusalem and on leaving the Temple one of His disciples point out the beautiful stones of the Temple. (The Jews were very proud of their Temple, even though it was built for them by the Herod’s of Rome to appease the Jews.) Jesus responds by saying not one stone of the Temple will be left on another—the building which is the symbol of Jewish worship and identity is going to be destroyed. From the Temple the disciples walk to the Mount of Olives which is about 200 feet higher than the city of Jerusalem. Four of the disciples come to Jesus privately to ask Him to explain what He meant about the Temple being destroyed. They want to know when this is going to happen and what will be the sign it is about to happen. Jesus gives them warnings not to be misled. He lists a variety of bad things that will happen and be only the “beginnings of birth pangs.” Jesus challenges them, and us, to be “on your guard.” He lets them know tough times are ahead. Jesus warns them of false Christ and false prophets who will be able to do great miracles. These false individuals will perform miracles, but they are not inspired or performed by God. When we get to verse 33 Jesus again warns us to “keep on the alert.” To close this discourse known as the Mount Olivet discourse, Jesus gives a brief parable only found in Mark. It is the story of the absent owner. The owner assigns task to each servant and then goes away expecting them to fulfill their task while he is away. Jesus closes with a warning— “Don’t let him find you sleeping when he arrives without warning.” There are a variety of Biblical interpretations on a time of tribulation, the rapture of believers, and the second coming of Christ. In order to have good Biblical theology you have to take Mark 13 with Daniel and other portions of scripture. It is clear the Bible teaches a time of great Tribulation. In the Old Testament the prophets did not foresee a long period of delay between the first and second coming of Christ. The revelation of the present Church Age was not given to the Old Testament prophets because their focus was on the nation of Israel. While we may find disagreement on a variety of points concerning the second coming of Christ there is one thing that is certain—He is coming again. This second coming will be a triumphant return to set the world in order and correct the injustices of humanity. Rather than trying to figure out the “when” of His return we should be focused on the “what” we should be doing in this age. The Holy Spirit has a task for each believer. We are to be involved in shining the light of the gospel of Jesus into every dark heart on this planet. Our daily mission must be to share that Jesus died and rose again to pay for the sins of humanity. Because of His work on the cross we have freedom from the control and consequences of sin. We are free to live the life God created us to live. We must never become lazy and forget His coming could be at any moment.



Holy Spirit help me to be found working till the return of Jesus. Help me to know my task and fulfill my task.

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I want to be ready. I want to be faithful at my task.


Your word is a lamp unto my feet. May others see Your love in me


Jun 27, 2023

Lord , I want to be ready for your return . I want to please you in every Way that I can .

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