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March 20, 2023



Then the Lord told Moses, “Get up early in the morning and stand in Pharaoh’s way as he goes down to the river. Say to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so they can worship me. If you refuse, then I will send swarms of flies on you, your officials, your people, and all the houses. The Egyptian homes will be filled with flies, and the ground will be covered with them. But this time I will spare the region of Goshen, where my people live. No flies will be found there. Then you will know that I am the Lord and that I am present even in the heart of your land. I will make a clear distinction between my people and your people. This miraculous sign will happen tomorrow.”

Exodus 8:20-23 NLT



After the water turning to blood, the frogs, and the gnats God sends the plague of flies. Earlier in the chapter we read that the Egyptian magicians declared, “this is the finger of God!” They could not duplicate the miracle of the gnats and told Pharaoh this was not a trick but an act of God’s judgment. But Pharaoh refused to listen. Then comes the plague of flies. Moses now tells Pharaoh there is going to be a new twist in God’s work. Evidently the frogs and gnats swarmed the entire land. This time the flies would not be in the land of Goshen where the children of Israel lived. Moses said God was going to “make a clear distinction between my people and your people.” I believe God wants to make such a distinction today. It seems to me too often we try to fit into the world instead of being willing to be distinct from the culture. I’m not saying we should dress weird or give up all the luxuries of our society. However, we should allow the Holy Spirit to draw a clear line of distinction between the way we live and the way the world lives. This should impact the way we dress, the entertainment we participate in, the way we spend our money, and the way we treat other people. If we take a moment to look at our lives could we identify some distinction in the way we live? Will the world see a distinction? I want to be different for more than the fact that I go to church on Sunday morning. I want to demonstrate the love of Christ. I want to show respect and acceptance of all people. I want to be free from attitudes and behaviors that would tarnish the image of Jesus in me.



Holy Spirit help me to examine myself and see if there is a clear distinction in my life. Help me to be a clear follower of Jesus.

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I want others to see how my life, joy, and future are in the hands of Jesus


Mar 20, 2023

God we want to be of you and not of this world . Help us to be for you . Lord in all I do and demonstrate I want to show that I’m your child , especially in my interactions with others . Please forgive me for times I’ve failed .

Giving you all the glory.


I believe my world is craving to see somebody who lives different from them. They know the stress, anxiety, and worry they live under. Is there someone who lives in peace, love, and joy? If the Holy Spirit is living in us we should demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit.

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