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May 12, 2023



Late in the afternoon his disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away so they can go to the nearby farms and villages and buy something to eat.” But Jesus said, “You feed them.” “With what?” they asked. “We’d have to work for months to earn enough money to buy food for all these people!”

Mark 6:35-37 NLT



Here we have Mark’s introduction to one of the best-known miracles of Jesus. We know that Jesus is about to produce an “all-you-can-eat” buffet for over five thousand. (In those days they only counted men so it says there were five thousand men—with women and children we can imagine at least fifteen thousand.) The crowd has been listening to Jesus all day and the disciples perceive the people are getting hungry. I personally think the motivation of the disciples may have been that they were hungry. Earlier we learned that there were so many people coming to see Jesus the disciples hadn’t had time to eat. Now we have a problem. How do you feed thousands of people when you are in a deserted place? This may be a problem for us, but not for Jesus. With Jesus involved in our lives every problem becomes a set-up for a miracle. If you think for a moment, you will realize every miracle begins with a problem. There are some problems that are beyond man’s ability to fix. This gives God the opportunity to step into the situation and bring about a miracle.

What problems do you have today? A physical sickness. A relationship breakdown. A financial setback. A habit that seems to be unbreakable. Every problem is a possibility for a miracle.

Every problem is a set-up for a miracle. Are you ready for yours?



Holy Spirit please show me how You want to work in my problems. I give You all my issues and look forward to Your miracle.

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May 12, 2023

Lord , thank you for allowing me to read this . I have been having some things that are troubling me. Although my fault , I have learned major lessons and I pray you’re able to let me forward from this . Thank you Lord for everything.

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