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May 25, 2024




Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds!

Luke 12:24 NLT



How much are you worth? We often get confused about the answer to that question because we mix up self-worth with net worth. God’s value on our lives does not have a dollar sign.


Years ago, there was an article in the Journal of Hospital Practice that calculated how much each of the enzymes and hormones and all the different things in your body are worth. The author added them up and if you are an average size person you are worth six-million, fifteen dollars and forty-four cents ($6,000,015.44) based on your weight. That means that every one of us can claim to be six-million-dollar people.


But in the eyes of God, we are much more than a body. This body I live in will disappear and be destroyed someday. But the real me will live forever in heaven with my Heavenly Father. 


My value is determined by the way God views me. Jesus said we are far more valuable than any of the birds that God provides with daily food. If God will do that for the birds, don’t you think He will do that for you.


You are precious in the eyes of God. Don’t allow other people to put a bargain basement price tag on your head. God wants you to know He has created you with a purpose and plan. You have value.



Holy Spirit help me today to see myself the way God sees me. Help me to live in harmony with Your plan and purpose. 

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