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May 31, 2024



An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship.

Proverbs 24:26 NLT



Being candid and being connected go together. You don't have one without the other. Genuine, healthy, deep, meaningful relationships are built on honesty, not on flattery.  Flattery is often used as manipulation. Honesty is a requirement for having authentic, meaningful relationships.


There must be some rules for being candid with others. Some people seem to enjoy telling everyone where they need to change. But people like that rarely have many authentic, meaningful relationships.


If you want to have authentic, meaningful relationships I would suggest three rules for offering correction to someone. First, compliment in public, correct in private. Rarely if ever should we offer words of correction in public. Correction is a one-on-one issue to avoid embarrassment.


Secondly, only offer correction to someone when they are emotionally up not when they are down. When someone is emotionally tired or depleted, they will not be able to process correction. 


Thirdly, never offer correction to others until you have proven you are also willing to be corrected. This is important. We all have our blind spots. We all need people in our lives who can be honest with us about where we need to change. If we haven’t proven a willingness to accept correction, then others will not be willing to receive our words of correction.


The goal in life is to have authentic, meaningful relationships. These relationships only work with honesty, not flattery. 



Holy Spirit help me to find and develop authentic, meaningful relationships in my life. Help me to accept correction. Help me to have the right attitude in giving correction to others.

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