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November 17, 2023



Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.

Psalms 105:1 NLT



What has God done for you?

Take a few moments and reflect on your life and make some mental notes of some of the things God has done for you. I always think of times when God brought healing for myself and my family. There were times when God supplied a provision that I didn’t know where it was going to come from. There were times when God directed my steps in a way I didn’t see at the time, but looking back I see how easy it would have been to mess that moment up.I am thankful to God for the times He protected me from my own foolishness. There were times I almost blew it really bad by bad choices. There have been times I thought I knew what was best to do but God’s grace protected me from myself.

Those were the times I needed to thank God for His protection over my life.I have the advantage of looking back on a lot of life. It is easy to see God’s hand of direction in my life. I think His hand is most obvious in the “little” things that turned into big things. I didn’t realize then how big some of those little things were.

I thank God that He directed me in the “little” decisions of life that made the big decisions almost automatic. Because I was yielded in the “little” areas of life the “big” decisions were easy.

I thank God that I had parents that lived out authentic faith in our home. They were genuine followers of Christ who loved God and loved people. I’m sure they were not perfect, but they modeled in front of us authentic Christianity that made it easy for me to want to serve God and put Him first in my life. I saw a model that I wanted to follow.



Holy Spirit, I ask You to help me be a thankful person. Help me to remember the blessings You have poured into my life every day. Thanks for providing people in my life to love and care for me.

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1 Comment

Nov 17, 2023

Lord , first and foremost I’m most thankful for your Love , thankful for your son Jesus Christ for making the ultimate sacrifices for such an unworthy sinner like me. Thank you Lord for your extended grace , I’m only here today because of you Lord. I only want to thank you today because you have been far too kind to me Lord.

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