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September 19, 2023



The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth.

Psalms 145:18 NLT



Most of us—me included—tend to think of God as way off in heaven. With this mindset we look at prayer as a long-distance call. (I am old enough to remember when you got charged extra for making a long-distance call. I even remember having to use an operator to make a long-distance call.) But the scriptural view of God is that He is close to us. If we have chosen to be followers of Jesus, God lives in us. That was the whole purpose of Jesus being born on earth. He wanted to become “God with us.” When we come honestly to God in prayer, He is close and He listens. God hears our cries for help, and He rescues us. It may feel that you are living in an environment that is a long way from God. But the moment you turn your heart to make Jesus your Lord and Savior He moves in. He lives in you. He wants to have a conversation with you through prayer. Be honest when you come to God. Don’t try to act holier than you are. Be honest and come in truth. Then you will experience the miracle of His presence.



Lord God, I need You in my life. I need You to guide and direct me today. I need to sense Your presence with me. Help me maneuver through today in a way that pleases You.

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