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July 11,2024



“I tell you the truth, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life.”

John 5:24 NLT



When I grew up in church as a child, I had the concept that God was the big judge in the sky recording all my sinful thoughts and actions to judge me. I remember being afraid of the day when God would show a video of all my failures so the whole world would see how bad a person I was. I was sure that before we could get into heaven all the sins of my life would be on display.


But the Biblical concept of God is that He is love (1 John 4:8). If God is love, then one of the characteristics of God is that He keeps no records of wrongs (1 Cor 13:5). That is why Paul tells us “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).”


The moment we confess that we are sinners and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior all our sins are erased. The tapes are destroyed. We are declared holy before God.


If we accept the Biblical view of God, then He is not writing down all our sins but erasing them. God desires to erase all our sins so there is no judgment on our lives.


The only sins God can’t erase are the sins that we continue to do instead of confessing and repenting. If we justify and rationalize our sins, they can’t be forgiven. But through confession and repentance they are erased.


I don’t believe I can say one prayer and cover all my past and future sins. While I am quick to admit I don’t fully understand the incredible fullness of God’s grace, I believe there must be confession and repentance on my part. 


We don’t have to live in fear of judgment. Jesus bore the judgment we deserved. He took our sins. He paid the price for our sins so that we could live in freedom from judgment and condemnation.


Don’t live your life allowing Satan to condemn you for the past. If you have confessed, repented, and accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior you can live in freedom.



Holy Spirit help me today to realize the greatness of grace. Help me realize that God loves me. He wants me to live in freedom. 

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Thankful for amazing grace


4 days ago

Lord I often wonder why you love us so much . Your grace is actually mind boggling.

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