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June 20, 2024



Submit to God, and you will have peace; then things will go well for you.

Job 22:21 NLT



In God’s kingdom the path to freedom and favor is surrender. God has given us a free will and we get to choose who—or what—we surrender our lives to. 


Some surrender their lives to entertainment, sports, making money, adrenaline rushes, a drug high, sexual immorality, or getting the most likes on social media. Some decide to surrender their lives to making their children happy. While there may be nothing wrong with some of these, we soon discover putting anything above God in our lives leads to turmoil, conflict, and bondage. 


The only path to peace is in total surrender to God. 


What does total surrender look like? It means I decide to make the main priority of my life to please God. The way I use my time, talent, and treasure is driven by my desire to obey and honor God. I can still have nice things and enjoy the fruit of my labor—God gives me stuff so that I can enjoy them. But I am constantly sensitive to the fact that God may have a plan to use some of my resources to help others and advance His kingdom on earth.


God’s favor comes on those who surrender to His standard of living. We don’t live to feed our flesh. We are not seeking constant instant gratification. We live with eternity in mind. We understand that choices have consequences, and we live making choices that open doors for good consequences. 


This does not mean life will be a cake walk and we won’t have any problems. In John 16 Jesus promised us that as followers of Jesus in this life we will have problems. But we can have peace because we know the end results—WE WIN!



Holy Spirit I need Your help in being sure I have surrendered every part of my life to You. I know there are times I try to take control of some things. Help me to know when to let go and what to let go. 

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