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March 21, 2023



Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron. “All right! Go ahead and offer sacrifices to your God,” he said. “But do it here in this land.” But Moses replied, “That wouldn’t be right. The Egyptians detest the sacrifices that we offer to the Lord our God. Look, if we offer our sacrifices here where the Egyptians can see us, they will stone us. We must take a three-day trip into the wilderness to offer sacrifices to the Lord our God, just as he has commanded us.”

Exodus 8:25-27 NLT



The plague of flies is so severe that Pharaoh realizes there is a problem. He offers Moses a compromise. Pharaoh suggests instead of going away for three days to worship God the children of Israel just worship right there in Egypt. Moses immediately recognizes this is not what God wants. Moses understands you can’t compromise with God’s directive. When we start our journey to follow Jesus there will be lots of opportunities to compromise. Some of them will seem like good ideas that could bring personal comfort, pleasure, or advancement. But compromise in our journey of following Jesus will always lead to problems. Every person I have dealt with who had a moral failure has been able to point back to little compromises that led to their failure. No one wakes up one morning and decides they want to destroy their marriage, break their wedding vows, and embarrass their children. That journey begins with small compromises that add up to one giant disaster. No one I’ve ever known woke up one day and wanted to be an alcoholic. They didn’t decide to allow alcohol to control their lives. They just started with one drink, then two, then another and another. Perhaps it was to escape some pain. Maybe it was to try and have some fun. Whatever the initial excuse was it led them down a path that started to control their life. The same is true with drug addiction. You don’t become a drug addict overnight. There are compromises and ignored warning signs. One compromise leads to another and before long you are hooked. Don’t fall for Satan’s invitation to compromise. Stick with God’s plan.



Holy Spirit please show me any areas of my life where I have compromised. Help me today to open my heart to complete obedience. Help me to be sensitive to any invitation to compromise each and every day.

“Scroll down to share what you feel God is saying based on today’s reading.”

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Mar 21, 2023

Lord , I want to be directly for you.

That seems to be the theme of the month , week !!!!!


My life is devoted to You. Keep everything away from hindering my obedience to You

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