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November 25, 2023



The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine.

Isaiah 9:2 NLT



This passage was a prophetic word though Isaiah that was quoted in the gospel of Matthew, chapter four, to let us know it was fulfilled in the coming of Jesus into the world. Because of the sin that entered humanity through Adam and Eve darkness came upon mankind. Many people battle every day the darkness that seems to control them.

I have a friend battling depression. For him it is a daily battle to overcome the darkness of hopelessness. He prays, believes God, and continues to move forward but at times the darkness seems overwhelming.

Recently I prayed with a grandmother who lost her grandson to illness. He left behind a wife and two beautiful little children. It is hard for the grandmother to understand this darkness.

When you turn on the news it seems all we hear about is war, murder, and angry people. The darkness of sin has caused a lot of hate and violence.

The good news is that God has sent light into our darkness. Instead of focusing on the darkness let’s be people who allow the light of Jesus to shine through our lives. Let’s invite the Holy Spirit to show us how to be the practical light of Jesus in a dark world.

Recently I was involved in a project in downtown Fort Worth for the homeless. A group of volunteers prepared food for 250 homeless folks who came to an outdoor worship service and then received a home cooked meal. I saw the joy on the faces as they ate the food. I heard the volunteers calling them by name—showing them respect and giving them dignity. There was light in that moment.

How could you be light during this season of the year?



Holy Spirit please show me how I can allow Your light to shine through me. Help me to shine your life brightly to my world.

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Nov 25, 2023

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