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October 20, 2023



And Jesus Christ was revealed as God’s Son by his baptism in water and by shedding his blood on the cross—not by water only, but by water and blood. And the Spirit, who is truth, confirms it with his testimony. So we have these three witnesses— the Spirit, the water, and the blood—and all three agree. Since we believe human testimony, surely we can believe the greater testimony that comes from God. And God has testified about his Son. All who believe in the Son of God know in their hearts that this testimony is true. Those who don’t believe this are actually calling God a liar because they don’t believe what God has testified about his Son. And this is what God has testified: He has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have God’s Son does not have life.

1 John 5:6-12 NLT



The word “testimony” is used six times in these verses. I would think that is worth pausing to ask why? When I grew up in church, we had regular testimony nights. These would be times when people would talk about the good things God had done in their lives. We were taught that each of us have a testimony that we were to share with the world. God’s testimony is that He loved us so much He sent His Son Jesus into the world so that whoever believes in Jesus can have eternal life. The fact that Jesus is the Son of God is confirmed by three witnesses—the Spirit, the water, and the blood. The water is what happened at the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River (John 1). God spoke from heaven and declared that Jesus was His Son and the Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove. The blood is the crucifixion of Jesus. His shedding of blood, dying, and being raised back to life proved that He was and is the Son of God. When we share our testimony of having a transformed life by belief in Jesus, we introduce others to the life of Jesus. The Holy Spirt then takes our testimony and brings conviction of truth to the hearts of others. It is the Holy Spirit that draws people to a transformed life. We don’t save anyone. We share our testimony and the Spirit convicts and convinces. I want to be faithful to share God’s work in my life as a testimony to His transforming power. Are you sharing your story?



Holy Spirit please help me to share my testimony with others. Help me to be a witness to the transforming power of Jesus.

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Oct 20, 2023

So I’ll admit my approach to evangelism has been that I believe people always find God when theyre suppose to. reading this today makes me realize I need to do more .


Thank you, Lord for your power that is always at work within me!


I want to be a testimony through my life of the wonderful, transforming power of Jesus.


Yes Lord!!!! Please give me a nudge to share of the good You have done in my life. Let the message of salvation and restoration come.

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