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January 11, 2023



One day the Pharisees asked Jesus, “When will the Kingdom of God come?” Jesus replied, “The Kingdom of God can’t be detected by visible signs. You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you.”

Luke 17:20-21 NLT



Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This has been misunderstood by a lot of people, including the people of Jesus’ day. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were waiting for another Moses to lead them out of the slavery to Rome and into their Promised Land of greatness. They wanted a David who would use military might to drive out the oppressors and establish the earthly kingdom of Israel. A kingdom that they considered to be God’s kingdom. But Jesus was not coming to be a Moses or David in establishing some earthly kingdom. Nor does Jesus want us to be asking for an earthly kingdom to be established today. In our text today the religious leaders asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come for Israel. Jesus told them that kingdom was already among them. They were waiting for a physical overthrow of Rome and establishment of a new earthly nation of great military and political strength. But Jesus had come to bring the reign of God into the hearts of men and women. When we pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done, we are asking God to invade the hearts and minds of men and women to accomplish His will. We are not asking God to accomplish our will but His will. It is not our kingdom, it is His kingdom. Daily I pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done in my family, friends, community, and world. I have specific areas each day that I am asking God’s kingdom to take over. I have a list of people who have not yet surrendered their lives to the Lordship of Jesus—I’m asking God’s kingdom to move into their hearts. I have missionary friends working in tough areas of the world. I pray for God’s kingdom to be released through their efforts in those dark areas. I pray for leaders across the nation and around the world that they have wisdom to know God’s will in their situations—that is God’s Kingdom coming to earth.



Father God, I want to see Your Kingdom come to pass in my life, my family, my community, and my world. I want to demonstrate to my world what life looks like when You are in charge.

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