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January 13, 2023



Give us today the food we need,

Matthew 6:11 NLT



The only physical request that is included in the Lord’s Prayer model is for daily bread. Our translation says, “Give us today the food we need.” In Jesus’ day a laborer would be paid each day at the end of the day for their work that day. On the way home they would purchase the food their family needed for that day. They lived from day to day. One or two days of sickness or loss of work and the family could be near starvation. Today we live in a culture where people make big money storing other people’s stuff. People will pay $250 a month to rent a storage unit to store their extra stuff. People build houses with lots of closets and storage space to have room to put their stuff. The kingdom mindset seems to be less cluttered with stuff. I don’t think God is asking us to not save—in fact the Bible talks about saving for your children and grandchildren. But I do think our prayers should be about learning to trust God day-to-day to be our Provider for our daily needs. Believing that God will provide what we need each day. While the scripture asks for daily food, I think it encompasses anything that I am going to need for today. Each morning I ask God to give me the wisdom I need for today. The strength I need. I ask Him to help me have the conversations I need to have. I ask Him to help me use my day wisely to accomplish what He wants to be done in my day. Let’s learn to trust God daily. Ask and believe that He will give what we need for this day.



Holy Spirit, I ask You to be my Provider for today. I ask You to give me the wisdom, strength, connections, and direction I need for this day.

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