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January 14, 2023



and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.

Matthew 6:12 NLT



It is interesting to me that when Jesus taught us to ask for forgiveness, He linked His forgiveness of us to our forgiveness of others. Jesus tells the story of a man who owed the king billions of dollars. He could not repay the debt and he begged the king for mercy. The king had mercy and forgave the man what he owed. I would imagine the man would then be the most forgiving man around. But that is not what happened. The man in Jesus’ story goes out and finds people who owe him $10, which they could not pay. They beg for mercy but instead of giving them the same mercy he had received the man throws them in jail. When the king hears about what the forgiven man did, he calls him in and confronts his lack of forgiveness. Then the king throws him in jail because of his unforgiveness. God is the king. We are the ones who owe the billion dollars. God, through Jesus’ death on the cross, has offered us forgiveness. We freely receive that forgiveness and are free of our debt. How should we respond to those who hurt us or sin against us? Daily we should ask help in the forgiveness department. We should be asking the Holy Spirit to show us any unforgiveness and give us the strength and wisdom to forgive everyone. We need to forgive even those who don’t ask for forgiveness.



Holy Spirit show me any unforgiveness in my life. Help me today to forgive those in my life who have hurt me. Help me to live as a forgiven person who quickly forgives others.

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I want to live with forgiveness. I don’t want the weight of offense in my life

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