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June 13, 2024




And do everything with love.

1 Corinthians 16:14 NLT



What if we tackle this command and apply it everywhere we go?


The Bible teaches us that God is love. If God is love and we are made in His image, then perhaps our goal should be to love those God has put around us. The people in the store, restaurant, neighborhood, school, and our place of work. 


If God is wanting us to learn to be known for our love perhaps, He will place us around people who at first are hard to love. Perhaps he wants us to learn to love when that love is not returned. Perhaps He wants us to love the people who think and act very different from us.


Part of love is showing respect and interest in the other person. When we show a genuine interest in the other person a lot of barriers will suddenly begin to come down. We never know the hurt or pain someone else has endured. Maybe by showing a little love we can be a source for God to bring healing and hope to them. 



Holy Spirit help me to practice love in my life. Show me those in my world that need to see Your love in action through me.

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I want to be known for my love.

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