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June 14, 2024



Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

Colossians 3:23 NLT



As followers of Christ our work matters. We are taught that we are not working just for a boss, but we are working for the Lord. Our work matters to God.


One of my early jobs was in a warehouse loading trucks, sweeping the warehouse, and cutting the weeds in the pipe yard. It was hot work in the Texas heat. I chose to do the job the best I could. I learned a lot about the value of hard work. 


If we are working for the Lord, our work should have two characteristics. The first is EXCELLENCE. We should work to be excellent in what we do. We don’t cut corners or try to just do enough to not get fired. If we believe God is our boss, then He deserves the best we can give. We should not skim or be lazy.


Secondly, if I am working for God, I should have ENTHUSIASM. My work should be marked with an attitude of enthusiasm. This attitude is contagious. People notice the attitude in which we do our work. No one likes the work with people who are complaining and criticizing. 


One of our greatest opportunities as a witness for Jesus is in the way we handle the work God gives to us. Is our work marked with excellence and enthusiasm?


What would your co-workers say about your work?



Holy Spirit help me to be a witness for You in the way I work. Show me how to have excellence and enthusiasm in my work. 

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