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May 3, 2024



So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.

Genesis 6:22 NLT



A major temptation to avoid when we are moving towards our destiny and dreams is the temptation to take shortcuts. There is always the temptation to take a moral shortcut, ethical shortcut, spiritual shortcut, financial shortcut, or even a relational shortcut. 


Shortcuts are always shortsighted!


Shortcuts distract us from what God is wanting to do in us and through us. When we take shortcuts, we are short circuiting the plan God has for us. Remember that God is using the struggles of our life to perfect us into His image. The struggle to reach our dreams and destiny is a major part of the process of developing who we are.


If we take a shortcut to avoid the struggles of the journey, we may arrive at our destination and not have the character to endure and enjoy the dream. Without the proper character that is developed through the struggle we lack the ability to fulfill the fullness of our destiny.


Noah “did everything exactly as God had commanded him.” He worked on the ark for over 50 years. He did not take a shortcut in the materials or the animals. He didn’t try to make the ark smaller or reduce the number of animals. He did every exactly as God told him.


I want to be sure I am doing what God is telling me to do. I don’t want to cut corners or take the easy road. 



Holy Spirit I ask for Your help in being clear about what God wants me to do. Give me the courage and patience to walk out the plan of God for my life. 

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Thanks Lord for your blessings . I want To follow your plan for my life .


This is a good word. I especially like, “Shortcuts are always shortsighted!”

My personality is fast-paced so sometimes I struggle with wanting to take the shortcut to get it done faster. Faster isn’t always better.

Thanks for sharing.


No shortcut! I am thinking on that today. The temptation is real.

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