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June 24, 2024



But Noah found favor with the Lord.

Genesis 6:8 NLT



Noah lived in an age where everyone on earth was doing their own thing. People had forgotten the God who created them and lived only to please themselves. God was so grieved with the choices of humanity that He was going to wipe out the entire race of humans. But then there was one man who was different—Noah.


Noah “found favor with the Lord.” This passage means that Noah brought pleasure to God. The choices Noah made were not just selfish choices. He was mindful of the things of God. God smiled when He looked at Noah.


I believe that in every generation God is looking for people who are different from the rest of society. People who reject selfish living and choose to follow the Lord. People who are not perfect—that’s impossible. But these people have a heart that is wanting to please God and make Him smile.


I want God to be able to look at my life and smile. I want my choices to be a pleasure to God. I want to find favor with God because of the choices I make.


I want the way I treat my wife and children to please God. The way I spend my money to please God. The way I do my work to please God. The way I interact with other people to please God. The way I spend my time to please God.



Holy Spirit please show me any part of my life that is not pleasing to You. Help me today to please You. I want to live in Your favor. 

“Scroll down to share what you feel God is saying based on today’s reading.”

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Good Today ! " Jesus the Christ of GOD ", a simple trueth easily found in the early Writtings of the Jewish Be-Livers of the " Way, Trueth, Life ". __ humbly, neighbour daniel __ p.s. thanks for increasing knowledge in this our troubled time, especialy about this very important teaching of our Living Loveing Lord Jesus .


Lord you have shown me and spoke severally about what you’re not happy with me about. I know the areas I need to improve in .

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